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Welcome to Drababbles! - ~Drababbles

mellieDec. 13th, 2004 10:33 pm Welcome to Drababbles!

This community will be maintained by me, keyacko (aka Mellie), and Lana Aurore, anzepnai. For this community, we just wanted to create a fun little community where authors try to write little drabbles or one-shots (whatever is inspired by certain pairings etc and a word(s). :)

Our rules are pretty basic. We won't be too strict with these, but try your best.
How this works:
List a few topics on which you are willing to write (be it a TV series, movie, or just a general genre). List them here. And then wait for feed back. Hopefully people will pop in with a few words to give your creativity a push!

-Embed the posts in your entry.
-Include the following in your post before the link to the story:
Pairing: (if available)
Rating: (G, PG, etc...)
Warnings: (If applicable)

Fun Stuff:
We will be featuring twice a month challenges! There will be no reward but the opportunity to post and read. The challenges will include two quotes and a word to make use of. Also, please keep in mind the moderators are a little absent minded and may not always get these out in time ^^;;

Hope to see you around!
<3 Mellie ^_~

Current Mood: Hurray!

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