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mellieDec. 18th, 2004 07:42 pm First Challenge Response

Well, since issuing this challenge, I have had a few ideas. I love these things to stretch creativity. The original with the word hero has enlongated itself and will not be ready in time. (It is called Far From Hero and set in a historic time.) And the word legends from Gundam Wing centering around Middie and Trowa has become a long fic as well (entitled Legends of Past, I have ideas for this, but need to do a bit of research.)

And now onto what I have done!

Flame, Scrapped Princess; All the Little Things, FMA Roy/Riza; and Snowflake, GW HxRCollapse )

Our next challenge, (with some new ideas) should be out about Jan 20th.
Until Next time,
<3 Mellie

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mellieDec. 13th, 2004 03:07 pm First Challenges

Hello all! For our first challenge here we have compiled a few words and series. Right now they are pretty basic, however, we hope to make them better as time goes on. The deadline (hehe, sorry! deadlines somewhat kill motivation, but we need to set somethin!) will be December 31st. At that time we will start a new little Drababble Challenge.

Snowflake: Any fandom you would like with any pairing. This one is pretty broad.

Hero: Original work. Must have at least two characters, (1 male, 1 female. does not have to be a romance)

All The Little Things: Any fandom. Must be a romance.

Legend: A Gundam Wing Drabble focusing around Trowa and Middie Une.

Good luck all!

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mellieDec. 13th, 2004 10:33 pm Welcome to Drababbles!

This community will be maintained by me, keyacko (aka Mellie), and Lana Aurore, anzepnai. For this community, we just wanted to create a fun little community where authors try to write little drabbles or one-shots (whatever is inspired by certain pairings etc and a word(s). :)

Our rules are pretty basic. We won't be too strict with these, but try your best.
RulesCollapse )

Hope to see you around!
<3 Mellie ^_~

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